Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Decorating : Playing With Plastic : Home & Garden Television

PHOTO Lucite pendant custom-designed by Form Architecture Interiors.

Playing With Plastic : Home & Garden Television:

4 steps to decorating with plastic in your own home. By Lean Hennen Special to

1. Add space and sparkle. Since the eye travels right through it, acrylic 'blends with its surroundings and imparts a sense of spaciousness and lightness,' says Holly Becker, a Boston interior designer and author of the popular blog decor8 ( An acrylic table in an entryway, for instance, provides a surface for display and storage but takes up zero visual space. Likewise, an acrylic chair tucked under a white-painted table creates a stylish but visually unobtrusive home workspace. And while glass reflects light, acrylic actually carries it, 'allowing light to dance in a space,' Becker says, and making the material seem lit from within."

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