Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clearly cool By Leah Hennen: "Plastic Furnishings are the Bomb"

After reading all about it, you’ll be able to see
clearly that Lucite and other clear plastic
furnishings are a great design choice.

Whoever thought that plastic could be so luxurious? Though long associated with disco-era excess, clear Lucite is back in a big way–and today’s offerings couldn’t look chicer or more sophisticated.

The appeal is easy to see (even if the material may not be): Sinuous pieces alternately rivet your attention and dissolve from view, bulky furniture becomes fluid and ethereal, objects appear to float on air. What’s more, “Lucite works with everything,” says Barbara Hulanicki (, a Miami interior designer who’s used the material extensively. “It has a ghostlike quality that doesn’t disturb the rhythm of the room or the style you’re mixing it in with.” Indeed, clear plastic furnishings–whether they’re made from Lucite, acrylic, or polycarbonate–are surprisingly versatile, complementing everything from sleek ultramodern spaces to over-the-top nouveau-Baroque decor. The material’s frequent absence of color is a bonus, too, allowing it to harmonize with subdued neutrals, zingy brights and every hue in between. Whether you want to add a touch of retro-fabulous glam to your decor or appreciate acrylic’s ability to subtract visual clutter from a more minimalist setting, plastic furnishings are the bomb.

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